Study Group with Industry

The Study Group is an opportunity for industry to gain access to UK excellence in the fields of mathematics, statistics, engineering, and computer science. The structure of the Group allows for this to be done in a structured, intense session over three days.


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9:30   Registration Group Work Group Work
10:00   Introduction
10:30   Industry Problems
11:00   Tea and Coffee
11:30   Group Work Review Session Group Work
13:00 Arrival at the Hallmark Inn Liverpool Lunch
14:00 Group Work Group Work Final Presentations**
15:30 Tea and Coffee
16:00 Check-in Group Work Group Work Finish
18:00 Reception at the Philharmonic Pub
19:00 Working Dinner at Vine Court Group Photo and Arrive at Dinner*
20:00 Pre-Dinner Talk
20:15 Conference Dinner at 60 Hope St Restaurant
*60 Hope Street
See programme as image
Directions from LIME STREET to Hallmark Inn Liverpool Hotel

Directions from Hallmark Inn Liverpool Hotel to RISK INSTITUTE


All participants are invated to our welcome reception on Tuesday 7th march to enjoy a relaxed chat over a drink. The reception will be located at the Philharmonic Pub in Hope Street. Directions from the Hallmark Inn Liverpool Hotel to the Philharmonic Pub.


The workshop will take place in the new premises of the Istitute for Risk and Uncertainty in the Chadwick Building in a central position of the University of Liverpool campus. The Chadwick Building is the Building No. 207 on the Campus Map

Access to Server

Access to our server will be granted to the industry challengers and to the academic leads. Desktop workplaces are limited (one per room) and we strongly recommend all participants to use their laptops as workstations.


Accommodation in our new conference residence called Best Western Hallmark Hotel will be provided. Check-in and check-out time are 4.00pm and 9.30am, a luggage room will be available for all guests. Breakfast will be served in the Victoria Gallery Cafe.
Directions from Lime Street to Hallmark Inn Hotel


Lunch will be provided to all participants. Breakfast will be available from 7.00am to 9.00am at the Hallmark Inn Hotel. The Wednesday dinner will be served from 8.00pm to 9.00pm in Vine Court Cafe. The Gala Dinner will take place at 8.00pm in the 60th Hope Street Restaurant.

Car Park

Note that there is no guest car park so delegates will be required to park in the University Visitor Car Parks on Campus. See car park map here.


Industries present their problems on the morning of the first day to the Group. The industry representatives will discuss with the group what aspects of the problem should be addressed, and how these may be approached. It is likely that the group will subdivide, but this will depend on the problem. It is expected that the industry representatives will be on hand (preferably physically) to answer questions, provide access to codes and generally ensure that the problem context is clear throughout the Study Group.

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From the academic side, the Study Group will consist of researchers from various fields, not limited to mathematics, statistics, computer scientists, and engineers. As well as university researchers, we strongly encourage registrations from PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and early-stage researchers. In addition to these attendees the Study Group will host a number of Public Sector representatives from the Research Councils, Department of Business Innovation and Skill and the Ministry of Defence. The researchers ask questions and choose which group they may be able to help with. An academic Project Lead will be nominated - likely from the Institute of Risk and Uncertainty.

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Challenge Problems

Thermo-mechanical Analysis of a Turbine Disc

Authors: Ron Bates, Cath Kindred
Company: Rolls-Royce
Industrial Sector: Power generation

Uncertainties in Robot Machine Dynamics Characterisation

Authors: Silvia Estelles-Martinez, Alejandra Matamoros
Company: The MTC
Industrial Sector: Manufacturing

Setting of Wing Target Loads

Author: Simon Coggon
Company: Airbus UK
Industrial Sector: Aeronautics

Climb-Cruise Engine Matching - An Optimisation Approach

Author: Sanjiv Sharma
Company: Airbus UK
Industrial Sector: Aeronautics


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